Managing SSH Hosts from Windows PowerShell

Course Introduction

Windows PowerShell, thanks to its modular nature, is able to manage non-Windows operating systems by using the standard SSH protocol. Although PowerShell's Remoting capability is incredibly powerful, it is primarily useful only on Microsoft Windows systems. This is because support for the WS-Management specification, and related DMTF specifications, has been limited on non-Windows systems. However, this doesn't mean that non-Windows systems are out of reach from PowerShell!

What You'll Learn

During this training course on Windows PowerShell, you'll learn the following items:

  • Installing the Posh-SSH module using PowerShell 5.0
  • Create SSH sessions
  • Run SSH commands on remote hosts
  • Examine the output of remote SSH commands
  • Managing remote filesystems using SFTP in PowerShell
  • Automate the management of SSH Trusted Hosts