Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is one of Azure's original, global, core services that offers scalable storage for both virtual machines and arbitrary data. Virtual Machines running on Microsoft Azure utilize a type of blob called Page Blobs for their Virtual Hard Disks (VHD). Applications running either in Azure or elsewhere, can leverage Azure Blob Storage for hosting content such as images, videos, and any other kind of data. If an application needs to perform logging, it can use a special type of blob called an Append Blob, which only supports appending new blocks. This Art of Shell training course will introduce the Blob Storage service, and demonstrate how to interact with it from the Azure Portal, the Azure PowerShell module, and the C# language. Once you've learned about Blob Storage, you'll be enabled to build applications and automation processes that leverage Azure's global, scalable storage service!

What You'll Learn about Azure Blob Storage

  • Azure Blob Storage Architecture
    • Blob Containers
    • Types of blobs available
  • Azure Blob Storage Security
    • Storage Account Keys
    • SAS Tokens
    • Stored Access Policies
  • Azure Blob Storage Tools
    • Tools you can use to interact with the Azure Blob Storage service
    • PowerShell, Storage Explorer
  • Azure Blob Storage PowerShell Automation
    • Upload / download blob data
    • Generate temporary SAS Tokens for your applications
    • Make copies of blobs between multiple blob containers & across Storage Accounts